The Emergence of Beings from Inner and Outer Space

There would not be a conscious being who hasn’t looked up at the stars, gazed into the vast heavens and said, “hey, anyone out there?” The dreamers kept staring up with vivid imagination creating stories to suit, the more curious decided to ask lots of questions, some got tired and gave up the quest, others bought telescopes, some acquired statues of Buddhas and dropped deep into the Silence with their puzzles and many researched to see if there was information being withheld by those in power, and others set out to debunk anything that didn’t fit into their logical worldview. And then there were those who hid in their version of God and preferred ignorance, it seemed like a safe place and no work was required because ‘God would take care of it’.  And then there were others with brilliant minds who wrote math formulas in an attempt to put what seems immeasurable into a workable possibility. All are players in the great cosmic dance as Earthman has attempted to crawl out of the deep slumber as he moves through various aspects of himself that seem to range from ape-man to a type of angel/uninhibited light-being, even a god and every possibility in between.
The Cosmic Crossroads
We are at a milestone in this civilsation where we have a wealth of information available on the topic of aliens and unidentified flying objects. Much of it is often questionable and I say that not because it is all false but because it differs so much from one source to another and it is difficult to measure something outside our known, reshuffling the thought molecules that are glued together is a complex task, there is safety in the known. Our sense of curiosity is vaster than the many deceased cats who overdid it. And then there has been the misinformation campaign that is outside the scope of this article, however it is not any great revelation to hear that those with a private agenda have dominated and controlled the information on the world stage, they shaped the narrative on the subject of UFO’s that is commonly believed by the community. Also there are a lot of trippers who have no idea and come up with fascinating scenarios based on a little info, one of the issues is human beings often see the world in still frames and in order to get it to make sense, they create stories, in a way it’s an innocent accidental untruth so people can put their mind at rest with not only logical stories but illogical ones as well. AND to make it even more complex, the diversity of species is such that those who are genuine contactees and experiencers of Space Beings and ET’s receive information that is aligned with a specific alien group, in the same way that religions differ from sect to sect, when we are dealing with beings from the past, many from the future, from inner earth,  inner and outer space, from numerous dimensions and to add in something that at times to most intelligent people seems incomprehensible ‘multiple-timelines’, the information is going to differ on many things. It WON’T make sense, as I see it, the resolve is in self-transformation.
We Agree Something is Doing Something
Without even bothering to enter the argument of ‘are there extremely intelligent aliens visiting planet Earth’  I will just jump straight to ‘which ones are we talking about?’  The question has been answered about their existence many times, a visit to a number of archaeological sites ought to be enough to resolve that in ones thinking, once a person considers the structures are a little too complex for our ancestors who beat their chests on a moonlit night and rubbed sticks together to have created them, it implies previous advanced civilisations surpassed the current human’s level of technology or there was alien or some type of Super Being involvement. We don’t have to research very far, we know that many of the structures relate to the stars and the planets, it wouldn’t take too much to join the dots.  I will throw in the following statement fully knowing it would instantly undermine my credibility and place me into the category of someone who is postulating but has no evidence, quite frankly after decades of exploring the phenomena I don’t actually mind what people think of me regarding this subject, “it is no longer reasonable to FULLY trust our supposed historical sites, keeping in mind that the alien beings are not necessarily bound by our solar clock, they move along the timeline at will,  this means:  Having the potential to plant or move things back in time to give a false view in the future,” basically there has been the manipulation of our history to suit.  Suddenly it gets weirder and if we look carefully at how ‘time’ works, we will see that when we jump off the earth outside the solar system, the rules change,  in fact everything we know breaks; scientists make temporary assumptions and often in time they ultimately fall away as new theories are tested and results are analysed.
All the information, some real and other twisted fabrications about Area 51 (ummm what about the other 50?) and ‘the Grays’ in the field of unidentified flying objects isn’t even 0.0000001% of the picture.  Does that stuff exist?  Absolutely.  Should we be fearful?  No, it does not need to a focus but being alert and informed is in some way important. It’s a little like going to the zoo and knowing not to jump into the lions cage, the lion has teeth, looks interesting but lets not stick our head in its mouth and find ourselves on the menu or test out whether we have the same fate as the Biblical character Daniel in the Lion’s Den.  I consider conspiracies as something for others to resolve but often it is worth looking at what is out there because some of the so called conspiracies turned out to be true.
Fear creates ‘clouds’ around our being and it prevents the brain from sending messages through the neural pathways to create the world around us.  A reminder that we are co-creators in the play of life and not puppets of some unseen hand.  We all project onto the ‘screen’ of the world, some do it better, most just re-project the known; may good people rise up and see their potential and add their story to the reality-dream.  Mother Earth is a living Being who follows her destiny but we have multiple possibilities and futures within her framework.
The False Sense of Social Hierachy
In the West academics have dumbed down the experiences of other cultures into a category of myth and legend and applied the lens of limited ignorance to anything that does not fit into a worldview that places the current ‘Western man with above average intelligence’ as being at the pinnacle of human evolution.  Man the supposed crown of creation, a very advanced being who since (supposedly) crawling out from under a rock, stood upright and eventually used his know-how to build bombs to annihilate whatever he pleases or offends him. This arrogance is endemic among supposedly educated people.  They are bound to a form of test tube and classical physics and often do not recognise or are unaware of developments in quantum physics and though it is difficult for many contemporary physicists to agree on anything, we can conclude that the world is not what we believe it to be, it is not as solid as we thought it was and we can no longer trust what we see and hear, the rules have changed or should I say are no longer as we thought or have been told in the past.
There is such a broad spectrum in the community of people who claim to have had encounters, many are credible and that does not necessarily mean that they are people who hold a high place in the society but is more about the fact they are sane, have integrity and are very clear that their encounters are real and won’t budge on it for anyone even if their life depended on it.  However, so many people want to BE the EXPERTS, to hold the power, to be in the know, to have the secret, and this is where they put limitations on themselves. There are many in the community who assume that the military or government are the ones who are in control of it, by that I don’t mean own all the craft, I mean that they will have the final say on disclosure, that they are the ones who will communicate on behalf of humanity with the various alien species currently surrounding, inside and walking on the planet.  When we dig around, it is clear that the military as well as senior government officials from across the world have had contact, there’s been ‘walk in and out’ meetings at critical times in our history; some visitors have been benevolent, some malevolent and others that don’t quite fit into either category. And now the general public is beginning to hear of the Deep State programs, these although important to some, have minimal interest to me personally, as the UFO community plays cops and robbers, good guys bad guys, conspiracies, crimes against humanity, treachery, treason.  I am not saying they are not of value or it is unreasonable to be informed but I will state emphatically they DO NOT HOLD the POWER.  A type of Soft Disclosure could creep in via the exposure of the hidden technologies, that is if the patents held by the various military agencies are lifted on what has been hidden from the general populace, without even thinking too hard or being one of those people who claim to be ‘in the know’, the logic is, if certain information is shared, a tsunami of questions will arise and in response to them there would be an unrolling of information, it would be impossible to stop numerous people coming forward and pointing fingers in all directions in order to cover their own backs. A lot of government heads will roll and although it is clear to many that what’s going on is so deeply embedded behind and within the governments, the community will ask for accountability of SOMEONE, anyone. Considering that much of the hardship we have experienced for 70 years could have been avoided if certain agreements had been made and others had been avoided, once the stardust and confusion settles the general populace will be looking for someone to blame. It is beyond my comprehension that very few have really discussed the SHOOTING down of various craft, and continue to call it ‘crashed UFO’s.
As if Man Knows Everything
We as a community need to find a sensible bridge between what we know and believe to be valid experiences and what is way outside of our comprehension, if known science is the only yardstick for measuring and other possibilities are bypassed, it is not only the height of arrogance but stupidity at its best, man is a dot in the universe.  The dilemma we have in the UFO and alien field is how to embrace what is outside the known but at the same time keep all the unicorn-riders busy and out of the mix, a bit like supplying a ladder for a monkey or a mouse wheel for Mickey and Mini Mouse to ride around on.  And I am not saying ‘dreamers’ have no place, it’s more about allowing a sensible space for those who have had genuine lucid and ongoing experiences of the extra-normal to be able to build a solid base of information about what has been going on in their lives regarding contact with beings from space without having a whole bunch of other people who are ‘interpreting and creating a fantasy story about what they think is true’ getting in the way of something that is critical in understanding the big picture of the UFO/alien phenomena; if not it looks like everyone is on acid or ‘shrooms. It is extremely common for people to have an experience and create a story because there is a natural need for thoughts to come to rest, this may be useful to them but is counter-productive in the big picture.  Although the purple-unicorn-riders may be kind, sensitive and thought provoking, they open the door for those who ridicule to discredit genuine experiencers. Currently there is a street war or more specifically cyber war going on in the UFO field about who are the experts and who is credible, allegations about various people colluding with the darker side of Government agencies and numerous counter claims, meanwhile the general public looks on with commentary as if it is post American Idol or Dancing with the Stars review time.  We are faced with a similar situation where one person says “I experienced God” and another one who hasn’t had the same experience says, “no, that’s your imaginary friend”.  Unless EVERYONE is prepared to be completely wrong and throw ALL their opinions out the door, there is little hope of a resolve unless a fleet of spacecraft arrive on the front lawn of the Pentagon or Parliament and is filmed by mainstream news team.  And this is a problem within itself as the mainstream news does not have humanity’s interest at heart.  The media pours out its poison day after day shaping the fears of man and emphasising the hopelessness of human existence. But hey, the arrival of fleets of craft is going to scare the daylights out of a lot of people, there is no question that is going to happen, it is a matter of WHEN. Although a large percentage of people believe there is life on other planets, having ones daily routines interrupted and changing the story  of their known world is going to throw them into great confusion and will create mental breakdowns, shock and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to say, insanity.  Even when someone’s train or bus is late or the wrong meal turns up at a restaurant the natural tendency of many people is meltdown.  For people like myself who have had a lifetime of UFO and Space People experience, it is so normal that unless Jabba the Hutt was to sit on me quite frankly I wouldn’t be phased.
So What can we Do?
Simple, get INFORMED.  Read everything, research what has gone in the past, what’s happening now.  Yes there is misinformation and fantasy out there and much of it is contradictory but there is a wealth of information on this subject.

DISCRIMINATE. Personally I think intuition is the best tool we have, and if we want to sort it, we need to work out the difference between what is real intuition, fantasy or is a mental block.

Bottom line: Something is doing something,  rub the dust the sandman left in the eyes, the truth is out there, in fact IT’s AMONG US and it’s time to wake up.

I am not ashamed or scared to speak openly on this

Tilopa 2.0