alien mind control – in Christ we Trust

As promised when I started this blog, my intention was to output my work relating to alien consciousness. This work is very complex but I have managed over a number of months to bridge the gap of complexity and arrive at a reasonably simple way of articulating something that has intrigued and puzzled man for Eons, and in particular since the late 1940’s since various craft came in and crashed themselves on occasion with the assistance if others.

The misinformation in the field of aliens and ufos far exceeds any other area including that of God. As more Quantum Physicists, Astronomers and Astrophysicists gradually see pieces of the puzzle it is now time for the greater humanity who stare on in wonder to begin to understand the sparkle in the eyes of those who have had experiences which defy logic. A reminder that Jnana Yoga is just the beginning of this wonderful doorway into forever.

This first video I am sharing here was recorded casually in May 2020, no fancy video effects or whistleblowing from supposed insiders.

I’ve BEEN THERE and it is my obligation to speak out, sometimes with shaky knees other times with a boldness and then retreat back into my private life of solitude with donuts, coffee and a garden.

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Tilopa 4.0 (upgraded human)