Space People

The subject of Extra Terrestrial life, UFO’s and Beings from Space and Spirituality often seem to be at polar opposites. This has come about due to the way the subject of Alien Beings has been handled by the controlled media and agendas, this topic is well covered by other writers.  It’s slightly similar situation to the way people are subtly programmed into filling their bodies with garbage, Coca Cola was well advertised over the years and is the highest selling product in many supermarkets but we know pure homemade fruit juice is better for our health.  What is popular dominates and those who like natural things often (or used to) go about their business without a show

In my case, growing up in altered realities (and I say this in a very sane way) was complex. On one hand I loved football and many down to earth things but my life has been devoted to the Spirit and at the same time I had been going on and off the Benevolent spacecraft and had contact with Beings from Inner and Outer Space since a young child.  Often people in Spiritual circles which I consider to be in the kindergarten stage use cliches like ‘it’s all inside you’, ‘go within’ and numerous other phrases to close down dialogue that doesn’t fit with their world or Cosmos view.  As a man who has spent his life in both these fields I will unashamedly say they really are looking at the world and consciousness through a tiny window.

The Vedic texts are full of interplanetary travel and visitors from other worlds. Also many of the Sumerian texts that were stolen and used by the the Jewish and Christian faiths are splattered with information about Beings from other worlds interacting with humanity, some friendly and others not so.

We are now at a point in our history where the narrative is changing to something closer to the many truths about Earth’s history, as this civilisation closes down and the new one emerges, we are on the edge of great change where the Benevolent Beings from Space are gradually stepping forward onto the world stage, and those wondrous Beings from Aryavartha (deeper in than Shamballa) and other inner Earth civilisations are preparing to come forward.

I would recommend all friends and strangers to consider the possibility of life from other worlds walking among humanity, as a long term experiencer of this phenomena it is appropriate for me to say they are here on the doorstep. We are safe, many of them are our very kin who have watched, protected, guided and assisted humanity and the previous civilisations for far longer than anyone could imagine.

May all Beings Be Happy

Tilopa 2.0