Future Yogis is about what is emerging in human consciousness, in a way it ushers in the new civilisation as we watch the old one disintegrating.

This blog has emerged so that many of my existing and unborn writings relating to consciousness, can be compiled into one location.  My name is  Tilopa, a name I inherited by accident but decided for convenience was worthwhile keeping, it is a fun name and means ‘he who crushes sesame seeds’.

I have spent most of my life exploring religious texts and numerous spiritual techniques. Whereas many people write beautiful philosophy, I do not place myself into the category of being a philosopher.   Often  people write about things and regardless of how brilliant it may be, it can be purely ‘conceptual’ in nature, or is based around interpreting the experiences of others.   This is fine but really is just ‘belief’ and is not necessarily what would fall into the category of  knowledge.   Beliefs are ok but may eventually dissolve.  As humans we have a right to an opinion, a philosophy or a personal vision of God and the nature of things but unless there is the depth of experience, it may not have any substance at all and ultimately will fall away.

Tilopa was the name taken on by a character about a thousand years back, from him spread a particular stream of Buddhism.  I have no relationship to any Buddhist tradition, but could comfortably say that the original Tilopa’s work, when I dig into it, falls outside any tradition and with close analysis I will say it unifies them all.

My work would fall into the same category as the Christian and Sufi Mystics, the Yogis of a number of streams and the Rinpoche’s, all these being closer to the new Physics than traditional religious doctrines and that is why i have chosen FUTURE YOGIS as the name of this site.

I do not have the opinion that all paths lead to the same place, I am more comfortable with the idea that there is a fabric made of all the religious and spiritual traditions, these are the threads holding it together.  Underlying all things is the endless Silence or Emptiness and everything with the combination of Consciousness and Energy springs from it.

I will from time to time have guest writers and this because my life is surrounded by brilliant human beings.

Although my work is about consciousness and the human spirit, as a long term observer of the Benevolent Beings from inner and outer space, it is this interest and my relationship with these wondrous communities that underlies all I do.

Tilopa 2.0