a change in direction – Future Yogis

When i first set up this site in 2016 my intention was always to get to THIS POINT IN TIME. What does that mean?
My work has always been about Superconsciousness relating to Aliens, however, without an understanding of the NATURE of SELF (meaning God Lives in Everything) , the discussion on Alien Life beyond the known and accepted common world view is merely a concept or hypothetical discussion of what might or might not be.
In a nutshell, the Alien phenomena is NOW centre stage of the world and before you know it, discussions will be everywhere, misinformation, partial Truths, a lot of people setting themselves up as experts and a handful who are on the pulse.
So, why do I say it is centre stage NOW?
Up until recently, although many have worked in the background, the Scientific community had considered the topic of Aliens to be something for ‘tin hats’ and believers in little green men. however, a week or so back Joe Rogan interviewed Michio Kaku (String Theory) the physicist, and in a 15 minute session Mr Kaku clearly articulated his view that what is appearing in the sky is not human. The flaw that Mr Kaku made was “it’s up to the Pentagon” to tell us now. Anyone who has been involved in this for some time knows that the Pentagon would be THE LAST POINT of REFERENCE due to the potential agendas (this is a complex topic and i won’t go into detail at this point.
The other thing centre stage was the Hearing with Andre Carson the sub committee Chairman of a panel discussing the UFO / UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena) which was one particle short of being a D grade pantomime, it included a number of Senators and was chaired by none other than the infamous Adam Schiff. There’s no need for me to go into detail on each person involved from both the Democrats and the Republicans; the point here is it was front page news and is NOT GOING AWAY too fast.
I had planned to archive this site because I barely posted for a long period of time due other life priorities but I have made a decision to follow the original intention of getting ready for when the craft appear more regularly and all the other extraordinary associative phenomena which will present itself.
We are quite safe and are in good hands. Just a reminder that the mainstream media at this point in history is totally unreliable to say it politely


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