Yoga on the Mount of Olives

For years many people have said we live in troubled times, others have inferred it is the closing of one Age and the beginning of another, plus there was always those creepy extremist cult prophets with an odd stare and a bit of a twitch who said, “the world ends tomorrow”. Regardless of all the whacko prophets of gloom or the genuine Sages who saw the New Hope, whatever that mystery may be, is now on the doorstep. As crazy as some of the ‘theories’ and predictions were, a small group of those who were ostracised by others and considered to be part of the Looney Tunes crew are now to some degree vindicated. As every man and his dog has said “Truth is stranger than fiction”. There is a culling of the known and the unknown is taking centre stage whether you like it or lump it.
So, as we wander through the next stage of the great mystery wondering what bizarre scenario will be served up by the extremely reliable news media who state things such as ‘we share the facts not opinions‘, which when analysed reminds me more of a manifesto of a team of well indoctrinated psychopaths, we have a global community of people with a response to the nightmare with a broad range of attitudes which to name a few are ‘I trust you and wish those pesky unbelievers who don’t respect science would go away’, ‘you said something different yesterday’, ‘didn’t Hitler do something similar’, ‘my healthy neighbours are now having heart attacks since visiting their doctor’, ‘I will live to tell the tale of the greatest crime against humanity has known’, ‘gee I wish there was more toilet paper, is there an epidemic of Bombay Belly or something?’
Any Yogi, Yogini or casual yoghurt eater who reads extensively across the various religious texts may know the following text from the Book of Matthew when Yehsua ben Joseph aka Jesus sat on the Mount of Olives talking to his buddies said, ‘If they say, “Look he is in the Inner Rooms”, do not believe it. For as lightning comes from the East and shines as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man”. That text is part of Chapter 24, it may seem insignificant to some people. There are many interpretations of religious and sacred texts and I always think the best approach is to enter with two things, an open mind and a little caution. The first is because if you enter with a limited perspective you will only get what you know, and secondly with caution because it is easy to fantasise and end up with a loopy philosophy.
I am not overly interested in Doom and Gloom but I am interested in change, the world as we know it has changed forever and in these times it is critical to find joy in small things, to understand our loved ones may have a different view and make choices that upset us but that is a part of ‘Free Will’ that we need to respect, from the Vedic perspective it’s Kali Yuga when the bad masquerades as good, every Dark Night of the Soul eventually leads to a new day, a glorious future potential. Plenty of extra food, water and blankets is the bare minimum if possible.
We (my small but wonderful network of friends with beautiful minds) are watching the Mount of Olives very very closely at the moment. And we also watch Paris and pray for the days ahead there.
These are known as ‘the Days That Are Here’, they used to be ‘the Days To Come’ or as John of Patmos said ‘the Great Tribulation’.

2 thoughts on “Yoga on the Mount of Olives

    1. thanks for the reply, i will try and watch when i get a minute

      generally i am cautious of people posting links in comments due to spam links, traditionally it is known as link dropping and was a strategy about 10 to 15 years ago used commonly

      in this case i understand your intentions are kind and thoughtful



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