wisdom #1

Religion or spirituality is not about all agreeing on what God is or isn’t, it’s about transforming oneself into an extraordinary being who lives a beautiful life that represents as closely as possible the values expounded by Jesus Christ, making the world a better place and making known the unknown in our own sweet way.

3 thoughts on “wisdom #1

    1. it’s quite simple…

      anything or being which says “jesus was a 4th level being, then correction 5th level’ obviously is outside the loop of superconsciousness. LOW is social programming by a hive mind group who sucks energy, it implies ‘you must think like us’ to be one, whereas God the Ocean of consciousness says ‘go forth and be all things’

      its programming, after years of analying i would say it comes of the third Light density of warring gods (devas and asuras) whereas superconsciousness kicks in at the 4th, the heart centre, the blue frequency, Shiva the destroyer of illusion. The benevolent aliens come off that frequency hub.


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