End of the Age

Every dream has an ending.
Because we have our senses feeding our brains with non stop info, touch, hearing, smell, taste, visuals, we make assumptions about the truth of our experiences and the solidity of the world.  We also see a history (real or a fabricated story), we assume that there is a continuous line into the future that travels on uninterrupted by events and the sense of order remains the same.
Question Everything
If we dig around a little, without getting lost in the world of fantasies and conspiracy theories (some true and some which are hopeful meandering or paranoia based in joining a weird set of dots) we will see that civilisations have come and gone and we can assume that many of them are washed away under the ocean never to be seen again.  Archaeologists are constantly finding things that don’t add up to what is understood to be humanity’s past.  Every so often they locate mummies and skeletons that tug on the shirt tails of our known and we start asking what, who and why?
Armageddon Syndrome
A lot of people suffer from what I will call Armageddon syndrome. To me this means that God (any god, usually a Judaeo Christian tyrant) is going to come and kick your butt because you may have done something naughty.  The elect (those who consider themselves the repentant saved) feel safe in knowing they have their ticket on the Truth Train and Jesus or some other great Master will say step on board grab your seat, come on and kiss my feet.  One would seriously wonder if such a thing were true, the belittling judgement of others would push you to the back of the queue and have you struggling for the last couple of spare seats. I will state i am not anti Christ. I have a great love for the Beatitudes.
The Changing Times
There is a feeling of insecurity, fragility and mild anxiety sweeping the world.  I don’t for one moment assume it is just the pressure of modern living, feeling like the outgoings are more than the incomings, the electromagnetic energy or the environmental crimes committed by man that are the equivalent of punching oneself in the head. There is something that is whispered by the wind, the changes in nature, the climatic harmony of the seasons being out of time, the instability of the Earth with its constant shaking of the ground, the volcanoes, the ferociousness of the wind, the erratic movement of waters, the burning of the sun or bite of the cold.
The Madmen
I am not interested in the Prophets of Doom with what I call their mental disorders damning humanity to misfortune, I spent my life reading, watching and contemplating the words of these madmen, creators of fear, threats of repent or else, looking down on the mere frailties and desires of human nature as if they were unforgivable afflictions that will condemn wonderful beings to a life of torture because they think their God says so.
Changing Perspective
We stand now at the end of this civilisation. Some people who have bothered to investigate deeply, realise the last one ended around a hundred years back with those who ‘brought in’ the foundations of Quantum Physics. This altering of the perspective of the world and change in Physics is greater and more significant than many realise. It was not just a new understanding and a brand new theory and opinion on life, embodied in it is the escape hatch.  The world was no longer solid, expectations of what will happen were changed and the ‘pliability’ of what was observed, meaning the world/environment we move in was suddenly something that we the Observer of life/what we loosely call ‘reality’ became empowering to the individual (Observer/Point of Awareness). The tyrannical God who made every decision and designed the world according to His Plan was dethroned. What I  consider to be the death of God as we know it/Him would be considered as heresy by the religious fundamentalists and part of the agenda of the Anti Christ.  But my dearest friends know I adore the Godman who wandered Galilee, He was the game-changer.
As many know, death is not oblivion, it is a movement of focus from one point to another, what is attached to that point of awareness/focus is altered because the Observer moves into a different environment with its own set of rules.  The death of God as we know it/Him is a change in awareness and responsibility.  Whereas prior, under a tyrannical God a person is subservient, limited in power, kept in place by conscious and subconscious threats of damnation with goal posts to move towards based on behaviours according to the rule book; the rebirth is into a state where one is not driven by fear or by promises of bliss, Valhalla, virgin brides, sitting next to the Boss, Elysian Fields or collecting milk curds around what they see as beautiful Gopala. Instead it is unfolding endless potentials onto the canvas of forever. It is about self – responsibility. God is a God of Love, benevolence not despair.
Undoing Prophecy
Prophecy is not what people generally assume it to be. Prophecy is thought projected into a future and is not solid but is based in the mindset of the Observer. Throughout time it is adjusted by those who believe the dreamer of the prophecy and those believers add their agenda to the mix. Whether that future is true or not depends on a number of things.  Who observes it, whether one enters into that (for lack of words) hologram or whether the Observer has enough personal power to move aside that mindset and create a dream/prophecy that suits their needs or more specifically aligns with their level of consciousness.  Having said this, I am comfortable that the Mother Earth and every other planet, unborn or current star has their own destiny which is outside and separate from the Observer.  Prophecy is more about ones RELATIONSHIP to a future and is not a Macdonald’s type of solution where everybody eats the same or similar meal. However the imminent reappearance of Christ is a given.
Many people now are aware of the false history that has been intentionally given to mankind, numerous historians unknowingly added to the myth. And people now are aware of the religious anomalies that disempower the individual and set up a handing over of self sovereignty to another, the individual has the freewill to do so, so how can you complain about personal choices of others?
The End of Religion
Looking out my window of awareness it is now not unreasonable to say that religious institutions are collapsing because it is obvious, some of us have said it for decades and due to the crimes committed on us as children, have consciously lent a hand to help eradicate them so they are accountable and bring an awareness to the comatosed general public regarding the manipulation of the masses by religious institutions. However, women and men like myself are not atheists, it is that we see God as something that relates more to our innate nature and personal sovereignty than the religious circus full of exhibitions of devotion, hypocrisy and pompous butt kissing to those up-line in the hierarchy of self appointed nobodies.
There are great changes coming to the world and it’s not a climate change rave. The sky is full of spacecraft, most are out of view, a few leave a calling cards but an awareness is growing in humanity that there has been manipulation and interference. Also there has been a network of Beings who has managed to protect humanity from imploding itself. The tyrants who have manipulated the world are gradually being exposed, a few of the religious institutions are in the process of being brought down for their crimes against humanity but I will state non apologetically, expect them ALL to go down. Nature is shaking her garment and is eradicating what is not equal to her best interests.
God always wins – May Christ return to Earth

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