The Days to Come – 2.0

Those of us (and there are many) that have some type of non-caucasian heritage in our family streams are born with a genetic program of some sort that there is a need to rise, an inner yearning to reclaim something back, to restore sovereignty in some way that we feel has been suppressed or taken away. This feeling is normal and as I look across ALL cultures/peoples regardless of colour of skin, religious or sexual orientation it is common to ALL but at times amplified in some more than others.
We can love our culture, it’s beauty, it’s contribution to the tapestry of humanity and give thanks to those who have gone before, honour them for their toil, struggles and foundations that got us ‘here’ now to the NARRATIVE of what we perceive to be the melting pot of the human race. I give thanks to our forefathers and in particular our foremothers and also those lineages long lost and forgotten and hidden forever.
We shall rise not by the colour of our skin, not by our religious preferences or our ideologies which may be sound or delusional BUT by the spark of Divinity that is seeded in all creatures, all things, in all potentials yet to manifest on the Canvas of Forever. It is not our clinging to Gods whether real or imaginary that takes us into the wondrous future, it is our relationship with Dharma. Dharma although associated with Eastern religious tradition is not bound by any faith, it is the adherence to a set of principles that nurtures not only ourselves but also all of nature, all beings seen and unseen, it is this very thing that frees man from bigotry, a feeling of worthlessness, a sense of being downtrodden or injustice.
As we face the New Day ahead and look back on the divisions that now play heavy on our hearts, we may see it is adjustments in our nature, our habits and more so our thoughts that will bring about great change and transform the shadows that hanged heavily over the world. As a species humanity will shake off its intolerances and misunderstandings and it WILL see a new world emerge, it WILL overcome the bitterness of separation and WILL understand that UNITY is in Spirit and although that spark seems to be hidden, it shall emerge with wonder and we shall dream a new world into being.
And for those that do not travel on this journey, we wish them well and pray that one day they find a way that nurtures their being into wonder, beauty, gentleness of Spirit.
The meek Will inherit the Earth

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