The Yoga of Corona :)

In this day and Age, humanity has been duped. The Spirit has been turned into a commodity, those with the best marketing tricks have the exposure, those who say something that is appealing are loved and those who hold the power have manipulated the destiny of Man to suit their agenda. It has been said that those who control the narrative of God rule the world. A greater truth has never been spoken. I could have called this article the Tao of Not Sniffing, the Zen of Achoo, the Gospel According to the End of Civilisation as We Knew It. I will spare the smarty-pants humour and dig in.
A Useful Tool 
Humanity is resilient. Years ago I heard the word forbearance in relation to the Spirit and I plastered it on my forehead, at times I have forgotten to look at my brow region where it was attached  with industrial strength chewing gum but like the great Sage Rumi once said, “Even if you have broken your vows a thousand times, come, ours is not a caravan of despair.” Once again I will call that great guiding light ‘forbearance’ into play, it is truly what makes a difference.
The human race has hit breaking point, the false idols, all those things we craved have enslaved the brilliant race of Forgotten Gods that we are.  Idiots have become heroes, servants of tyrants with hidden-agendas have ruled the masses from behind closed doors and hedonism once again threatened to wipe out the human species. And then it happened, God Sent Everyone to Their Room.  I will not begin to even define that Sublime Super Consciousness thing called God, I will just run with my statement because it clearly defines what is going on, I will not attempt to justify whether God exists or not, that’s YOUR business.
Yoga is Important Here
Yoga means union, not backflips with your toe up your nostril, not exhibitions of devotion, not diets, not the reciting of ‘age old truths’ which are often flawed monotonous texts used  by half baked yogis to get their way with young women and steal everyone’s money as they keep you imprisoned and suck your energy to empower themselves.  Yoga is simple, it is the side-stepping of thought and the flowing of the Mind of God in the core of our Being, unimpeded by the ‘known’ which is the limited mindset that keeps humanity imprisoned. This is UNITY, this is YOGA.  The rest is related to show-ponies.
The Great Teacher

Many of us in the West, unless we have served time in the military or come from a terror-zone have not experienced war. Many (not all)  have lived our lives in a manner where the day was a little too hot, far too cold, food’s too salty, too sweet, not good enough, we buy something and it sits in a corner barely used, objects flew in the door like there was no tomorrow.  And then, tomorrow is here now with the feeling of the rug being pulled from under us and for some it can be terrifying and it requires a little empathy and compassion on our part to care for others at this time, even though it may mean waving at them through a pane of glass. I remember in the early 1980’s being locked in a room at the border of Pakistan in the middle of nowhere by an arrogant threatening immigration guy who said he was never going to let me out unless I gave him all my money. A terrifying moment for a young man, however I lived to eat more than my share of donuts and swallow many a good coffee.  I learnt that the ability to throw a rope around my thoughts and make them my slave as often as possible is the safest pathway out of the moment, it has allowed me to rejoice at the sight of a new day dawning, nature will follow its natural course.  I know that my state of mind is the difference between what I see in the world around me, how I value it and whether it becomes my friend or enemy.
Going Without
I am not a lover of asceticism, only the deluded need apply for that role.  But I do consider moderation as a sensible way to live. Humanity is now being offered forced moderation.  I am aware that a study was done on which people live the longest.  It turned out to be a community on a Japanese island who only eat until they are 2/3 full.
We as a community thought there was endless water, the droughts came to teach us; we thought that we were safe in our homes, the floods and fires came. And now something which is almost virtual has arrived in the form of a pandemic. Anyone who has ever been in an ashram, monastery, retreat or lockdown knows at those times when you ‘don’t get your way’ stuff comes up.  All those little niggling thoughts, the ‘I wants’, I can’t live without, the endless stream of desires, the rushing and rolling waves of thoughts crashing on the shoreline of our thinking can at times be unsettling.  We need to calm the sea.

The wisest man I ever met said to me, “There comes a time when a man has to say to himself, I refuse to be kicked around by my thoughts any longer.” I learnt over the years to take one small idea and run with it, turn it inside out, look at it from every angle, put it to the test, to not be lazy with it, be ferocious, and then you will see its potential.
For some, this time will be seen as the times the prophets spoke of and others what they call the Days to Come.  Although we need to be vigilant and consider any possibility with great discrimination, regardless what this period may or may not be, I am comfortable with the idea that SOME prophecy would easily be altered because prophecy starts with thought and is an impression in the mind of the Observer of a potential of what may come to pass, the world is not solid, it never was, it is a collection of particles temporarily held in place in Space and Time.  To be a slave to a religious idea may be dangerous at the moment ( if not always) because it allows others to influence our thinking. AND even though as some wise men would say it may well be the Fall of Babylon in Revelation chapter 18, it definitely would not mean the end of Civilisation, just the system that was in place that allowed the tyranny to function. We know all tyrannies have a shelf-life and the Benevolent Universe that we are a part of, makes sure that like every other species that exists in the Cosmos, humanity must unfold and evolve unimpeded as it should.
May All Beings Be Happy



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