the Essence of Yoga

This is one of the many articles I have written on consciousness
It looks at the essence of yoga, from the perspective that relates to thought and has nothing to do with the various ‘body’ yogas

Yoga means union
it implies doing no-thing
any doing is dis-union
yoga is the fine art of not-doing
whatever we ‘don’t do’ is yoga,
it unfolds by itself
it is about disintegration
the process is like leaving a lolly on your tongue and saying ‘don’t eat it’
just letting the flavour melt into you, this is the attitude required in what people refer to as yoga and all other sadhana /spiritual practice
the removal and leap-frogging of the imaginary sense of ‘l’ is required but the approach we take needs to be like watching a baby tiger cub, it may have a little bite, its teeth may be sharp but we know it is not so troublesome. And so with thought, as it emerges, its fierceness can be treated like the cub, it may be cute and slightly dangerous at times but if we are detached and keep the right distance, it can play and do its thing without too much involvement on our part.
There is only yoga, all else is ‘play’, theoretical speculation and meanderings of thought made temporarily solid and frozen on the screen of life.

As when the great sage Ramana Maharshi once answered the question of a pilgrim in earth space-time ‘well if we are the Self, why do we do this stuff?” … his reply turned the Universe on its head, Saraswati played sweet sounds on the Veena and the well-fed chubby Buddha did a belly laugh, he replied “to purify the mind”.
This answer could be a signal for some to ‘do more’, but it is his way of saying , don’t move away from yourself and try and BECOME something, don’t try and achieve and merge with anything or attempt to reach God. This will only create a separateness, and you are running away, the harder you try the further away you go, better flip that skateboard around 180 degrees. Purifying the mind, is not implying that the mind-space is full of dirt, it is not impure and this not to be translated as there is a need for repentance; it’s really just a way to loosen the things that are in the way and blocking the view.
‘Yoga’ takes a new pathway, dons a new outfit when we see that it is constant, always ‘full’, the sublime Super-Consciousness, everything is a manifestation of the Ringing Radiance; when we fully understand that there is nowhere to go but here, the seeking stops and we arrive at where we always were, we were just dreaming.
we don’t ‘do’ yoga,
Yoga does everything
and best we get ourselves out of the way
Tilopa. 2.0


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